✈️ Getting Away

🗓️ What I Did This Week

I really thought I’d be able to outline every project I’m up to every week to keep y’all updated, but that is just not the case. I’m doing way too many little things to be doing that. Beginning of this last week I was working really hard so that’d I’d be in a good spot before my trip to California, and I’m proud of the work I got done. I had a meeting about a logo for a project I’m working on, so that’s dope, and it’s been another week of me slaving away at making personal content! Hopefully, I can keep it up.

My time in California has been great so far. Doing the whole airplane thing always forces you to think about culture and life and how big the world is and how I should be thankful for how I even have the opportunity to go randomly to SoCal to soak up some good vibes. I’m recording various clips throughout the trip with the hope that I develop a somewhat good vlog about my trip so y’all can see why I like it down here so much.

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

🍿 VideoSisyphus and the Impossible Dream Casey Neistat, the one who made this video, is one of my favorite creators on the YouTube platform. In this video, he talks about his impossible dream that he conquered and how long and how hard it was to achieve. It was incredibly inspiring and the story he told was told very well.

👥 Person – Brock Purdy – Sucks that he lost but man was it fun watching Brock start in the freaking Super Bowl. He went to the college I went to, then was drafted as the last pick of the NFL, became the starting QB for the 49ers, and then led them to 2 NFC championships as well as a Super Bowl. I’M IN PAIN because of the loss but still inspiring nevertheless.

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTube8 Polaroids That Inspire Me Every Day – I printed out 8 Polaroids a few years back of people, places, and events that have inspired me. I set them around my room so that I can look at them and remind myself what I’m working towards. Today I broke down what is on those Polaroids and why.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin PodcastMicah Haworth – Micah Haworth is a Hotel Investor and Founder of Northern Lights Hospitality.

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