🎉 21 Years of Life

🗓️ What I Did This Week

The big 21 for me was this last week on January 31. It’s always refreshing getting to hear from friends and meeting up with family. It’s a weird age to turn, more of a fun one as well. It is cool looking at where I was when I was 20. While I wasn’t doing the worst, it feels like I turned myself around in under a year thanks to a commitment to being better.

Had some great calls with potential clients that I might be doing work for. Those are always nerve-wracking obviously. I don’t do a whole lot of pitching to people, but when I do it always feels like a different project and experience so it’s good to put the reps in.

I also checked out Iowa City this past week to visit my cousin (@johnnyjarnagin). He showed me what he is up to while he’s studying at the University of Iowa, and I got to see some coffee shops, campus, etc.

It’s good to get traveling every once in a while. I enjoy bringing my computer and working in a new environment. Doing the same edits and routines makes it feel like home, but it’s somewhere I’ve never been before.

This next week I’m gearing up to take a trip to Orange County, California to hang out and make some content. Like I said, I enjoy getting out of Iowa every few months, so looking forward to showing that trip off to you guys.

Thanks for reading,

Isaac <3

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

🍿 VideoUsing Apple Vision Pro: What It’s Actually Like! – This video inspired the heck out of me. Seeing Apple attempting to get into a new space of tech is hype, and inspires me to continue innovating as well. The coolest feature of these Apple Vision Pros is you can connect them to your Mac and have your Mac display pulled up in front of you through the goggles. This would enable you to use your Mac’s performance and have your goggles project it. Is it worth it quite yet? No, but man it’s cool as heck!

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTubeStreamline Your Digital File Management with this Simple and Effective Workflow – I sat down for a while and showed how I organize my files as I’ve gotten quite a few questions on it over the years, I’ve tried to store things in a lot of different ways, but I think I’ll stick with this way until I have a team that will also need access to my files, then I’ll upgrade.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin PodcastBrian Pollari – Brian Pollari owns and operates Pollari Productions, a video production company based in Arkansas that has taken on over 1100 projects in 18 states and 63 cities.

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