🎶 Can You Feel the Music?

It’s a great week where you can be tired but still have the will to continue on and keep pushing because the end goal is a non-negotiable.

Took some extra time this week to work on my super secret project as well as all of my regular responsibilities. I also had an incredibly interested podcast with Ben Skaar who is a pal as well as a digital artist that has had success selling his art as NFTs. He provided me with basic knowledge of the space and I got so many clips to share with peeps. It was an overall success I felt inspired about.

I’ve been running into issues with my short form content consistency. I am able to think about some great ideas but putting them together is draining too much out of time from my schedule, so I’ll have to think about putting together some more bulk style content.

Excited to continue working this week on life, pretty sure I’m home all week, so it’ll be good to hit the gym consistently and put in some work, and have some fun.

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

🎵 Music – Oppenheimer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – This is the album full of music from the movie. I loved hearing the composer talking about his thoughts on how he put together the music. One of the lines was someone asking Oppenheimer “Can you feel the music?” The composer nailed it, and it has gotten me into some other cinematic soundtracks.

🍿 Video[The Story of Our TimeThe Making of Oppenheimer (2023) Blu Ray Featurettes] Sorry two weeks in a row of Oppenheimer obsession, but the BTS video for the movie is full of people who have dedicated themselves to what they love and don’t take any shortcuts towards making a project.

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTubeHow to Make Your Device’s Mic Sound Like Studio Mic For Free Adobe Audio Enhance – I’ve been using Adobe Audio Enhance for months now, so I thought I’d break down how you can use it too using either your internet browser or Adobe Premiere Pro. SImply by dragging and dropping your MP3 file, Adobe Audio Enhance will convert your file from sounding “alright” to sounding professional!

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin PodcastBen Skaar – Ben Skaar is a Photographer, Videographer, and Student based in New York City. In his free time, he is releasing and learning more about the capabilities of NFT Art.

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