💪 Staying Consistent

🗓️ What I Did This Week

Full plate this week! This is my second week of going crazy with personal content. Lots of uploads going out. I’m trying to treat “Isaac Jarnagin” as much like my clients as possible, so it just gets done no matter what.

I’ve also been finishing up some videos for my local bank that I’ve been working for. It’s been awesome having them come back to me again and again for work.

I also had one of my biggest meetings to date this week that I was incredibly nervous for. I was proud of how it went, and I’m excited to hop on a call this next week to get further into the process. I don’t want to talk too much about it because I don’t want to jinx it but definitely be thinking of me haha!

I didn’t have any in-person meetings this week which is always nice because I can bum out in my room and dial in for hours on hours. Getting lots done and getting more and more excited about what I’m working on.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this stuff, really means the world 🙂

Isaac <3

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

🎵 Music –All Is Yellow – One of my favorite brands out there has got to be Lyrical Lemonade. I’ve never seen a brand make whatever they want come to life like they do, and if you take a look at their stuff you’ll see why. They just released their first album featuring all their favorite artists this week. Super cool to dive into the project and see all their accomplishments with getting this album put out.

👥 PersonCole Bennett – Cole is the founder of Lyrical Lemonade, which I talked about above. I enjoy watching this man’s behind-the-scenes videos so much. The way he works on his business is how I aspire to work on mine every day. His ambition is always inspiring.

🍿 VideoTesting a $13,000 Hasselblad Camera – Willem Verbeeck, one of my favorite photographers, put this beautiful video out. He was sent a new Hasselblad camera to test out, and I had a great time watching him talk about the compositions he was forming in his photographs. Photography was one of my first passions so I always get inspired by content like this.

✏️ Item –Small Rig VND Matte Box – Beginning of this year, I bought a lot of attachments to put on my camera to make it look cooler, but one of the tools that I have actually enjoyed using is this VND Matte Box from Small Rig. It has been a better option for me rather than a thread on VND filter because it is quite a bit more versatile for what I have been doing.

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTubeWhat’s In My Camera Bag (2024) – Wanted to break down what I carry around in my backpack every day. This thing is practically my mobile office, so I have anything and everything in there. I’m sure you’ll take something from it if you’re a creator.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin PodcastJack Windeler – Jack Windeler is a student at James Madison University and Videographer and Co-Owner for Ambient Media. Enjoyed talking with him about his journey with videography, animation, his 7000-mile road trip, and more!

🎙️ Marketing Quacks Podcast – I enjoyed being featured on the Marketing Quacks Podcast. I talked about specifically what I’m up to, so if you’re still confused about what I do, this would be a great resource for you.

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