📈 Making an Impression

Had a lot of traffic on quite a few of my videos this week, so I thought I’d highlight a couple and give my 2 cents on why I think they did well:

1. Ames but it’s Cinematic (InstagramTikTokFacebook)

This one did amazing on most of the platforms I post to, I was amazed at this. I took some footage from last year and put it together to a trending sound. I’ve been enjoying using unique text placement as the hook at the beginning, and then from there, the video did the work it needed to do. It related people back to their beloved Ames, and what little details make this city beautiful. Also for Facebook, I posted it on a local Facebook group that I knew would appreciate it which put it in front of 30,000 more potential pairs of eyes.

2. 801 Chophouse Restaurant Review (TikTokInstagram)

This video was an easy one to hook as it is one of the pricier steakhouses here in Iowa, and it is housed in the tallest building in Iowa as well. I actually recycled footage from last August and made it have a better hook and commentary. I’m not happy with the footage I took as I wasn’t planning on really making a video out of it, but I made it work!

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

 🍿 Video – Lisa Bluder’s Postgame Interview – The Iowa Women’s Basketball team was in the national championship game, and they weren’t quite able to pull it off. Obviously, I’m partial towards Iowa so I was bummed, but I really like what the coach had to say. This team pulled millions towards the sport of basketball, men’s and women’s. What they brought to the game isn’t something that could be won, it’s something that only they will be able to achieve.

👥 Person – Caitlin Clark – Staying on theme with basketball… man Caitlin achieved a lot. She inspired the world in a way not many people achieve, and she earned it and worked for it. Having 14,000,000 people to tune in and watch your team play in the championship game is wild for ANY sport of any level. A story like this is something where you have to sit back and appreciate and hope you can contribute to the world like this or at least a fraction of it.

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTube – How to Never Forget Anything Ever Again: A 3-Step System – The amount of information we have to absorb and remember as humans is overwhelming! Remembering everything, just to function in this world, has been a significant source of anxiety in my personal life. Consequently, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to ensuring I remember everything, from personal matters to work-related tasks; I want to remember it all! After years of research, I share a 3-step system in this video that, if executed correctly, will help you never forget anything ever again. Now, we are only human, so don’t expect perfection. However, I rarely forget anything nowadays, and I use these methods daily in my own life, so you can take my word for it.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin Podcast – @ilyaonthefly – Ilya is a Freelance Videographer based in North Carolina.

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