📑 Tax Time

Every year I learn more and more about taxes. Just got mine paid and done this last week which is a boring thing to talk about, but I am because it was a big part of my mind this week! First of all, I 100% agree that it is harder than it needs to be especially when not explained to us growing up, but once you know the gist it’s so easy. I officially now understand the filing part pretty well, now I just have to perfect bookkeeping.

Been really enjoying using Novo as a business checking account. They are a fintech company partnered with a traditional bank, and it works the exact same as any account, but they have a reserves feature where you can automatically have a certain percentage of your income pushed off into a “reserve” which is basically another checking account, but it takes 5 seconds to setup and you have to transfer it back into your main checking acconut before you spend it. That has made setting aside 30% for taxes really easy, so even if I didn’t report any expenses or anything for the year, I’d still have enough to pay the ole government at the end of the year.

Always stings a bit to pay the balance you owe, but I’d rather be compliant than try to do every single little loophole trick to get it lower personally. I wish it didn’t have to be as scary as a process for people especially individuals who make their income in a different way (me).

In other news, did a lot of backend stuff like working on my Notion as well as my future digital storage solutions. Specifically with Notion I’ve been looking into how my client pages interact with the project pages and making sure it is as seamless and functional as possible. On the storage end of things, I just surpassed the point where I need to buy 2 more HDD drives to store my past projects on. One of the drives is primary storage that I carry around with me, and one is the backup version that I keep at home.

Once I get through this next round of storage, it’ll probably be time to invest in a NAS system. This will allow me to have physical storage as well as a cloud storage copy of it, and from there I’ll see how that works. I may or not need to pair that with Google Drive as I will want to have a seamless workflow with clients as well. Anyway, that has been the gist of this week.

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

👥 Person – reduciano – After reading my little blurb on this guy, make sure to check out his website as it is a cool experience. Don’t know reduciano personally, but I saw some of his animation work while watching a Lyrical Lemonade music video. The first time I saw this work was during this video. He utilizes animation to make out-of-this-world ideas come to life. When I looked into him more, I saw he is way more than just an animator, he does whatever the heck his mind wants, and pushes toward it until he learns how to do it. Everyone needs to be working hard towards their passions like this man works towards his! Check out reduciano.com

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🎥 YouTube – Why Photobooks Elevate Your Photography Experience In this video, we dive deep into the tactile and emotional impact of photobooks, comparing them with digital viewing to highlight their unique benefits. Learn how photobooks can enhance the presentation, preservation, and enjoyment of your photographs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast, this video will show you why photobooks offer a superior experience.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin Podcast – Jeremy Paredes – Jeremy Paredes is a Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor, and Student currently attending Georgia Tech University.

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