📲 200k

Another week in the ole basement for the most part. Sounds depressing, but it actually means I’m putting some good strides in with my work and all. Besides the regular client work, I’ve gotten some extra website work which has been a good change of pace.

My video that I highlighted on last week’s newsletter is doing astronomically better than when I talked about it last. It has over 200,000 views which has been great as I have been uploading nearly daily for 3 months straight it feels good for it to pay off every once in awhile. This video has led to a lot more online connections and even a few leads, so I’m glad my funnel is working somewhat! I’ll tell you what though, it’s distracting as heck during the week! All I wanted to do is respond to comments which made getting regular work hard, so I’ll have to see how to manage that.

With all the traffic coming in, it finally solidifies my priorities of why I should be making a reel every day. A reel isn’t just a reel, it is also a post on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which covers about every major platform worth posting on. It is a way to connect with new people! They are a pain to keep up with and post, but I’m putting all my cards in them.

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

👥 Person – Cade Hansen – Bro ran a 100k here recently which is around 62 miles I believe. He’s done quite a few long distance runs and he’ll post his distances throughout the day. It’s always funny because I see them throughout the day and I’m like “holy moly, he’s still going!” Any achievement likes that deserves to be commended! Good work Cade!

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTube – My Desk Tour as a Content Creator, Podcaster, and Small Business Owner (2024) – I’m at my desk for a considerable of time each day, and I do a lot of technology-intensive tasks as well. Here’s my desk in its natural state. In this video, I talk about what I like, what I dislike, and what you might consider having as well. Enjoy!

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