😓 Slightly Overworking

Had a full week at home! I caught myself getting stuck in computer work a little bit. I was really enjoying getting ahead on things, but I lacked consistent my regular fitness, sleep, and eating habits which I haven’t had a problem with for awhile. This week was a reminder on how important that extra stuff is to me besides just work.

Was on site for one video this week, and I recorded two of my podcasts from home as I normally do. I’ve noticed a lot of my clients liking longer types of content that we can easily cut down into a bunch of reels, which is fine by me because I am in the flow with that type of editing.

You’ll hear more about my conversation with Tate Ova below as it was released this week, but I’m excited to release my podcast with Ben Skaar. He is deep into the world of selling his art digitally as NFT’s, and it fascinated me and made me reflect hard.

Wrapped up a logo design for an upcoming project that I am excited for, now I can really push the gas pedal. Can’t wait to have it done.

🔮 Inspiration from This Week

🍿 Video – Oppenheimer – Rewatched Oppenheimer this week, which if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a film about the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement America’s development of the first atomic bomb. It is a beautifully shot film. I also love diving into the historical side of it, and inspired me to look further into the discussion points around quantum physics, the arms race, other scientists, and more. Movies like this stretch my brain heavy and inspire me to work with as much purpose, passion, and intentionality as these scientists usually do.

🎬 My New Videos

🎥 YouTubeReflection Trip West: Ames, Iowa to Orange County, California Embarking on a reflective journey from Iowa to Orange County, California has been transformative for me and my growth. This journey has become paramount in my personal development, offering insights into the vastness of the world and the complexities of human achievement. For the last six years I’ve made this trip, and each year I’m in awe of what’s happened since the last.

🎙️ Isaac Jarnagin PodcastTate Ova – Tate Ova is a Content Creator who creates trendy short-form content as well as gaming content on YouTube.

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