😳 Nerves

As I am writing this, I realize I’m feeling a little tense and anxious. These last few weeks, things have started feeling more real. I want to break down why that is for you:

First I want to talk about my peers. Over the years, I’ve connected with tons of people on the internet, and a handful of them I keep up with more than others. I get to see everyone’s progress over the years, and it is crazy fun to watch them succeed.

One of my newer connections who is also my age, can’t find enough help to the amount of work he is being inquired for. He’s in a position now of serious growth for him and his business. A few years back for him, he was trying so hard for this to happen!

Another peer that I have talked with for years recently had the opportunity to shoot a music video for his favorite rapper of all time. Being able to watch the music video was absolutely wild experience for me because literally just a few years ago, he had no opportunities that would indicate he’d be doing as big of projects as he is that fast! So fun.

And for me, I am seeing opportunities that will scale me up that I didn’t I think I’d see this fast, which is where the tenseness comes in. I have been putting the pressure on for awhile now, and now that these next steps are coming into play, I will have to take a deep breath and keep going. When you grow, you are going to run into new challenges and opportunities that’ll be hard to solve, but it is worth it to give it your all!

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