😷 Out of Commission

Was sick all week! How did this effect me? In pretty normal ways to be honest. I had to take a lot more naps which made it so I only got the bare minimum done this week. I was able to put out all of my client work, but I wasn’t able to keep up with my personal workflow. Weeks like this make me realize how much my operations rely on me being in good health, which I currently am okay with, but I would like that to change in the future. Not being able to do my regular work, have my regular positive outlook, and the lack of working out gets to me!

In other news I somehow mustered up the energy to look into new online budgeting tools that I use for my personal budget and usually use for a business budget as well. As you probably know, Mint shut down this last Saturday, so I was frantically looking for another solution. All of the new solutions are paid which is a bummer. I tried a few but eventually landed on ​Monarch​. It’s $100 a year which is a bummer, but it is THE one out of all of the other options for me. If you are living without a budget, with love, look into one as this financial world is way too complicated without one.

I’m excited for the first day to hit where I don’t feel sick, that day is usually really fun because you get to cram in all of the creative energy you’ve missed out on the last few days. I don’t know what that will entail, which is why it is super exciting. I apologize for missing some uploads, I thought delaying them would be a kind gesture towards myself, and give me a headstart on my way back into the swing of things.

You know, I’m going to keep this week simple and end it here. Keep killing it!



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