Generating 11M+ Views For Kum & Go Through TikTok


Kum & Go

Project Type

Social Media

Project Date

Jun, 2023


For years now, I’ve been posting videos to TikTok talking about my day-to-day experiences and promoting fun things to do in and around where I live. As I’ve now I’ve generated a following of 47,000+ followers.

Kum & Go saw potential in my style of content and asked me if I’d want to help promote their new Fast & Fresh Menu Items. It was an easy decision for me because I was encouraged to utilize the same style that I always make videos with.

They were interested in 2 videos that would be posted to my account, and then they’d be able to boost those posts from there. I came into the convenience store during hours and was in and out of there within a half hour, recording fun footage and utilizing unique angles.


After recording, I crafted together both videos within days and went back and forth with Kum & Go’s team until we made a product that both they as well as I could be happy with!

The last step was to make sure that we posted the videos at effective times! I produced another one of my regular videos to post in between the two sponsored posts so I could maintain a regular schedule and not post two sponsored posts in a row. I posted the videos when I said I would post them and quickly provided the ad code to the marketing team so that they could boost it promptly.


Over the next few months, these 2 posts combined generated 11M+ views, and of course, drew in lots of comments that I responded appropriately to. I enjoyed my time working with Kum & Go, a respectable brand that is headquartered close to me and entrusted me to put together some sick TikTok for them!

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