Helping Pepsi Promote Their College Football Event in Ames, Iowa



Project Type

Social Media

Project Date

Oct, 2022

The Need

Pepsi was looking for individuals in the Ames, Iowa area to help promote their Pepsi Trash Talk campaign on TikTok. They recognized the power of TikTok and wanted to leverage it to promote their pro-recycling campaign.

The Service

After discussing, Pepsi and I decided that I would make two TikTok for them. One would be promoting Pepsi Zero Sugar, and the other video would be me attending their Pepsi Trash Talk tailgate event.

The Result

After successfully producing and posting both Tiktok deliverables, my Tiktoks were viewed a total of 500,000+ times, successfully conveying Pepsi’s brand and mission. The videos will forever be featured on my Tiktok page which means that it could result in even more views in the future!


#ad Check out this $10 million pedestrian bridge in Ames, Iowa! Make sure to bring a Pepsi Zero Sugar along with you! @Pepsi #PepsiTrashTalk #ames #iowa #amesiowa

♬ original sound – Isaac Jarnagin

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