Overnight Drive to Wyoming


Isaac Jarnagin

Project Type

Photography, Social Media, Videography

Project Date

Mar, 2023


My friends and I decided to take a spring break trip to Wyoming! If you didn’t know, Wyoming is still covered in snow in March, so many people travel there to ski. Not us, though; none of us knew how to ski, we just wanted to see Grand Teton National Park! To maximize our time in Wyoming, we also decided to drive overnight there and back.

At the beginning of 2023, I had expressed a desire to include “Directed by Isaac Jarnagin” at the end of something I created. I had never had the confidence to do that with anything I’d made before, so it was a fun little challenge for myself. When I learned about our upcoming trip to Wyoming, I considered whether I should create a documentary-style vlog or simply enjoy my time. I ultimately decided not to record. However, after just one day in Wyoming, I had already captured enough footage for a film, so I decided to just go for it.

My Favorite Memory

Since the beginning of my photography obsession, I’ve been following a bunch of cool photographers on Instagram. One of the many I followed was Corey Wolfenbarger. There are not many other ways to describe him besides he’s a fine-looking man, and he takes fine-looking photos.

There is a famous barn in Grand Teton National Park called the Molten Barn. It was built right next to the Tetons and makes for some beautiful photos. Ever since I saw Corey’s photo of it, I’ve always wanted to go there. My friends and I took time to trudge through 2 feet of snow to get to see the barn and I was able to capture a beautiful image of it. Safe to say I crossed that off my bucket list!

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